Hop Varieties

Hop plants are sold as bare-root rhizomes when dormant - usually between November and April. Later in the season rooted plants may be available in 1 litre deep pots. Plants/rhizomes are priced from £6.95 each plus postage except for those requiring royalty payments which are a bit more expensive. It is much cheaper to ship bare-rooted rhizomes than fully rooted plants and postage charges increase considerably later in the year. If you want plants shipped outside of the UK then it is far more economical to order rhizomes when they are available. Current shipping rates and carriers can be found here. Click on the links below to read details of the characteristics of individual hops and to check availability or go straight to the main index here.

Availability of Hop Plants

If you would like to know as soon as hop plants are available please add your name to the mailing list and we'll let you know as soon as each variety is ready.

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Bramling Cross - Good all-round English hop. Goldings replacement
Brewers Gold - Established bittering hop - compliments late aroma hops
Cascade - Distinct flavour, most widely used hop by USA Craft Breweries
Centennial - High alpha aroma hop - sometimes called Super-Cascade
Challenger - Excellent dual-purpose hop
Sold out
Chinook - High alpha, aromatic US variety
Cobb - Typical English aroma hop, Kent Golding variety.
Fuggle - Classic English aroma hop
Hallertau - Classic Noble hop from Germany
Kent Golding - Undisputed finest ale hop in the world
Sold out
Liberty - A classic US all-rounder with a distict aroma
Mount Hood - The mainstay of American craft beers
Northdown - Northern Brewer cross, an excellent dual-purpose hop
Sold out
Northern Brewer - Fragrant, vigorous hop
Nugget - Strong herbal aroma and high bittering value
Perle - Clean bittering qualities and refreshing, spicy aroma
Phoenix - Early, dual-purpose hop
Prima Donna (First Gold) - Dwarf, dual-purpose hop
Progress - English aroma hop similar to Fuggle
Record - Classic Belgian hop with fragrant aroma
Saaz - Noble hop made famous by Pilsner Urquell
Santiam - A vigorous aroma hop with Noble characteristics
Styrian Golding - Traditional aroma hop from Slovenia & Austria
Tettnanger - Landrace of Germany's Tettnang hop-growing region
Willamette - The king of the U.S. aroma hops
Yeoman - High alpha, disease resistant hop
Sold out
Zenith - High alpha, good disease resistance